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Zircon Firefly is the name of the new server Zaecus and I are playing on with Allaryin.  It is heavily modded, and the purpose of playing is kind of an experiment.  We have tech mods and magic mods, and it is forbidden to cross the streams.  That would be bad…dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.  So we play.  I am having a blast, but am completely out of my depth trying to figure out these mods.  Luckily, Zaecus has played with lots of them before.  He is handling all the tech, and several of the magic mods.  I have one task, to learn and utilize the Witchery Mod. We will see how that goes.


We started just before Christmas, but as you can tell I haven’t been updating here for awhile, so I am posting the current Zircon Firefly Playlist to get you caught up.  Have fun.


So I am a very bad blogger.   Zaecus has put out multiple videos, and I have not reposted them here yet. So you are about to get say three or four videos at once.  I just have one thing to say . . . “TIME MANAGEMENT” . . . I needs it.