Here is the playlist for our first four episodes including our little pilot.  Best to get them all out of the way at once.  Quick, like ripping off a bandage.  I promise we will get better, technically and such, but our enjoyment in this little adventure is infectious.  I promise not to infect anyone with my mystery plague though.



My blog here is getting a little of a slow start.  We aren’t going to blame it on my procrastination or my poor time management.  No, no, no, no, no, no.  Instead we will blame it on my mystery fever.  I had two weeks of fever, nausea, exhaustion and four days of a non-itchy rash on my face, neck and arms.  That’s it.  No other symptoms.  Blood results come back next week, and they will most likely show nothing if my past medical history holds true.

Funny thing is, this illness is actually the cause of my first real pause from playing Minecraft, since I started this spring.  Zaecus started playing around Christmas, and in just a few months, he had gotten me completely and hopelessly hooked on this game.  We’ve been having so much fun, that our next logical step was to make complete fools of ourselves and share our obsession with the Internet.

My friends at work have heard me go on and on about the game.  When I am asked how I am doing, I typically respond, “I’d rather be playing Minecraft.”  The catch phrase has kind of stuck, so it seemed as good as any a title for my blog.

So now I have shared, blogged, and posted all of our current videos, and I have everything up to date.

It’s 2 am and I should be asleep, but I would rather be playing Minecraft.






Horse Naming Day!

Zaecus shows off his mad walking around skills in the Nether.  Apparently, it’s not the mobs in 1.6.2 you have to worry about. Oh no! It’s the terrain!

And I make an AWESOME shot with a bow.  Just don’t look at the countless misses after that.